Yet Another Excellent Grilling Sauce

The Chili Lime Grilling sauce is great when used on venison! Used a part from the hind quarter that is quite similar to the London Broil sold in stores. Marinated it for about 4 hours, then my Wife broiled it is the oven to about a medium rare..and it was awesome. American Spoon Foods rock!!!

Chili Lime Grilling Sauce

Another Excellent Grilling Sauce

So this last weekend I tried another new recipe. This one originally started off with Salmon wrapped in bacon and then BBQ’d, and as it was turned, add your favorite BBQ sauce. Well, I did some asking at the American Spoon and it was suggested to try the Apple Cider Grilling Sauce and WOW is all I can say! Amazing! My Wife has never liked Salmon, but after this, she wants me to cook it again as she really loves it!.

So, what I did, was take some Salmon (I used Black Pearl Atlantic) and cut it up into chunks about 3″ by 1″, marinated it for about 24 hours in the Apple Cider Grilling Sauce, then wrapped each chunk of fish in a slice of bacon, stuck it on a skewer (3 to a skewer), then put it on the grill for about 15 minutes, brushed more Apple Cider Grilling Sauce on it, flipped it and immediately brushed more Apple Cider Grilling Sauce on it, let it cook another 10-15 minutes and severed. You really need to try it!

More Store Links

Ok, so I added a few more stores, all with a video game theme. I’ll list them all here, even the ones from the previous post.

Tux_Rules Forum

Tux_Rules Store

Tux_Rules XBOX 360 Store

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Tux_Rules PlayStation Vita/Sony PSP Store

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Tux_Rules Digital Game Store

So, go ahead and shop away!

And again, all the links can be found at:

Tux_Rules Shopping Website

A Few More Sites

Just added a few more specialized stores:

Tux_Rules Associate Store

Tux_Rules XBOX 360 Store

Tux_Rules PlayStation 3 Store

Tux_Rules Wii Store

Tux_Rules PC Store

I will be adding more soon…you can access the above links as well at:

Tux_Rules Shopping Website

More Storefronts

So I have a few more storefronts open. Some are item specific, while others are all in general. Powered by, so all is good! Shop and enjoy! 🙂

Tux_Rules Store

Tux_Rules Computer Store

Tux_Rules Music Store

Tux_Rules Book Store

Tux_Rules Gameing Store

Tux_Rules Shopping

Over 2 Months Now

Just over 2 months here with Arvixe and all is going great. I have had very few issues where I had to contact support, and it was only when I first migrated to Arvixe. Very fast responses and the issues were corrected and a more than reasonable speed. All in all, at this point, I am very pleased with the service I have received from Arvixe. If you are looking for a web hosting provider, I recommend Arvixe!

Domain Ads

So, you may notice seemingly conflicted ads on this and other pages of mine. Arvixe and GoDaddy…so why did I do it? Well, to put it simply….Arvixe is the hosting company of choice, but through GoDaddy, you can get your domain name really cheap (for the most part). as at the time I am writing this, you can get your domain name through GoDaddy for $1.87 (after the 18 cent ICANN fee). So, you buy the name through GoDaddy (after clicking on the GoDaddy ad link 🙂 ) and then buy your hosting through Arvixe (again, after clicking on the banner 🙂 ). Then, when it comes time to renew, transfer the domain name to Arvixe for $7.95, and from there on out, it will be free as long as you stay on with Arvixe as a hosting provider and that is your main domain. All renewals through Arvixie are $7.95.

EDIT: So what I am saying is if you have several domains you wish to have, get them for $1.87 versus $10 or more…quite the best way to do it. 🙂